OMG Machines And The Amazon Mindset

OMG Liz and AmazonLiz Herrera at OMG is considered the Amazon expert. Her role at OMG Machines is to guide students through the world of Amazon and how this eCommerce website can be used to turn traffic into money: a feat known as monetization. You can learn a little more about her by listening to her promote OMG Machines and their community on the web, by emailing her, and by signing up for the OMG NHB (No Holds Barred) series.

What is Monetization?

The dictionary describes monetization as turning something into currency: paper or metal into real money, for instance. It is sometimes associated with money laundering, but not in SEO terms. When it comes to internet marketing, monetization refers to the way a marketing expert develops ways of profiting from an online presence; a website or blog site. Traffic is one thing. Making money is another. You don’t necessarily earn a living by having people read stuff you post on the internet; not unless there is some way to convert interest into dollars. That is one thing the OMG team will show you when you sign up for their webinars and other forms of tutorials. They post numerous articles on this and other topics and are always updating to reflect new trends and information.

Amazon and eCommerce

Amazon is one of the biggest — if not the biggest – eCommerce site worldwide. Customers all over the world were first introduced to Amazon as a book-selling site, but it has since grown into a place where consumers buy and sell anything and everything as long as it is legal. One of the primary reasons consumers turn to Amazon to purchase and review items is that it has established a reputation for posting legitimate reviews and worthy products. Behind-the-scenes users are selling everything from books to baseball bats and some of these people are affiliate marketers. Their living is reliant on SEO tactics to gain traffic and sales.

Amazon and SEO

Liz Herrera and the OMG Machines teachers coach their students through the ways Amazon reviews are used to develop an SEO routine. You can learn how to turn reviews into keyword application opportunities which help search engines find you and your products and provide a higher ranking from Google and others.

Free Google Ranking

Reviewing a product doesn’t cost anything unless you have to encourage people to post reviews on Amazon and other sites like Yelp and Google+. This is advertising without the advertising outlay (unlike PPC) which makes this an appealing organic method for attracting traffic and sales.

Review Enticements

OMG contributors recognize there are pros and cons to attracting reviews by using giveaways as enticement. They recently hosted a live forum which viewers can still find on the internet in which Mike Long and others discuss the ins and outs of giveaways while promoting software to make this a user-friendly prospect. If you sell numerous products on Amazon and are considering giving away prizes, samples, or coupons for each of them, the workload could be onerous. That’s why certain OMG-member software could be of help to the budding Amazon entrepreneur.