Networking Savvy

networkInternet marketing strategy can be contradictory at times. In one way, the idea of staying at home to work is appealing because it’s solitary. You are your own boss without colleagues or employees. There are no or few overheads. You can be anonymous. On the other hand, networking is considered an important tool in this field as well. That seems to go against the pleasurable notion of isolation which attracts people away from their day jobs to a career behind one’s personal computer and never having to get up early for meetings or to beat traffic. Let’s break this down with a look at OMG Machines and their networking principles.

OMG Machines: the Community

A YouTube post by Liz Herrera of OMG Machines goes deeply into the idea of networking. She regards the company as more than a business: it’s a community. Once you become a member, you are connected to everyone on the inside. That goes for the top names who develop programs and write blogs but also all the regular members. You have access to everyone’s knowledge, experience, and personal advice. Herrera describes a “never leave a man down” attitude in this video post. In other words, if you have problems and need help, the top people are not going to ignore your needs simply because they already make 6-figures monthly or because they have your money ($7,000 to sign up for education and membership).

Networking as an Internet Marketer

She also goes on to talk about networking in the general eCommerce world. If you sell products on Amazon or any other eCommerce forum, you need to be networking with people. That goes for affiliate marketers too. Your community provides opportunities to install links on multiple sites: a tactic known as backlinking. Herrera is referring to networking at various levels, but this is a highly important SEO strategy you will learn more about from OMG Machines and their No Holds Barred series which is the current program.

As far as Herrera is concerned, however, you need to spend time around experts in the flesh too. Attend events hosted by OMG Machines to meet people who spend their days doing this stuff and doing it well. Find out how they launched a successful campaign and were able to quit their day jobs. These people are happy to share what they learned with members of the inner circle; a circle that is becoming wider and larger all the time.

Another interpretation of “networking” is involvement in live webinars. These are hosted by the experts at OMG Machines including Liz Herrera and Mike Long. New people are added to the list of experts as they demonstrate skill in the internet arena. Listen as they share expertise on specific topics. You can ask questions in real time.

Brag Board

As part of the OMG Machines network, members have access to the brag board. Here you can read about the successes of other members. Learn about the sums they made in past months as a means of inspiring your continued efforts even if you aren’t making big money yet.