Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing platforms - collageAffiliate marketers are sometimes confused with pyramid sales people, but they don’t actually sell anything. They merely promote products, usually over the internet, and people buy things as a result of their efforts. A pyramid sales program involves direct sales (cosmetics, meal supplements, or candles). Affiliate marketers are subtler than that and they still make money.

How Does an Affiliate Marketer Make Money Without Selling?

Say a company is marketing a brand new product that is not on the retail market. You won’t find it in a department store or grocer’s shop. It’s for internet sales only. The manufacturer doesn’t want to engage in regular advertising because that’s risky with an unknown commodity. He might invest thousands of dollars for limited or zero return. Instead, he gets friends to try out the product and tell him if it’s any good.

As they enthuse about the goods, the owner of this product offers a deal: promote my new product (spices, kitchen gizmo, or holistic supplement) and I’ll cut you a share of profits. Having been wooed and wowed, this individual uses the internet to promote his friend’s item by writing about it, creating backlinks on his website, or posting banners in a related forum. It helps if this person already has a platform and a following, but good SEO tactics taught by OMG Machines will help make that work.

Now, when readers head to this person’s blog or read their posts on a related forum, they see the link to “Jim’s all-natural eczema cream” or “magnetic jewelry to fight warts.” Readers press on the link which takes them to a sales page. Every time a sale is made, the company makes a profit and the affiliate takes a cut. He doesn’t get paid unless a product is sold which is a lot less risky than running a newspaper or TV ad.

How SEO Technique Supports Affiliate Marketing

Key word writing and other SEO tactics are important to this affiliate and to the original sales person. These attract search engines to a listing when consumers are looking for eczema cream or wart treatment (or whatever the affiliate is listing). Affiliate marketers only get paid when sales are made, so it’s important they get lots of traffic. More important is getting the right traffic which means creating savvy posts in appropriate places.

The affiliate whose link makes the most sense and carries the greatest meaning in Google’s economy and that of the average reader is an affiliate whose post is related to the product. Google still has to find it though. This is where OMG Machines is a potential source of wisdom and lucrative understanding. How does Google decide to rank a site on page one and not page 20? What determines the quality of a site in the eyes of an algorithm?

More than the Free Treatment

You can find out lots about SEO for free, but not the sort of information which could yield a six-figure salary. At OMG Machines, they claim to have expertise that will make learning about search engine optimization worth the effort.