OMG Machines Review: Three Years Later

The OMG Machines Way - Feel the RealGreg Morrison (the OneManGang) started OMG Machines in 2012 with the help (or perhaps encouragement is a better term) of longtime marketers David Mills and Michael Long.

They originally met – that is David Mills and Mike Long met Greg – in another program that the two were part of, and where Greg was a member, posting almost mesmerizing accounts of his success to help inspire and motivate other members. As evidenced by the events that followed, people couldn’t help but pay attention, considering one of his posts talked about his having an $80K+ month (something most of us in the business would be ecstatic about if we had a YEAR of earnings like that).

Actually, before I get into the review for One Man Gang, which is the initial reason I started this post to begin with, please indulge me on a small trip down Memory Lane. In fact, right now I’m looking at one of my old printouts of one of his posts that I’ve kept because it’s STILL inspiring to me. This one was dated Thursday, July 28, 2011, and he talked about having just made “$16,000 in 6 hours of work over the last 3 weeks…” Then, I’m still inspired by yet another post I’m looking at in my files from that same forum (dated Thursday, November 3, 2011) where he states, “I actually just had my biggest single day today – at over $22,000 for the day…” I remember thinking, “WOW! I need to learn what he’s doing and do it myself!”

Of course as we moved into 2012, Greg’s reports and helpful advice were pretty much the only thing I (and undoubtedly a number of other folks) bothered to read at all. He had a system, he was driven, and totally unstoppable.

Obviously we fellow members of that forum were not the only ones to think so.

I don’t recall exactly when in the 2nd half of 2012 that Greg’s posts pretty much stopped appearing on that forum – much to the dismay of his growing audience – but soon after, #BOOM! As Mike Long is fond of saying – the original OMG Machines program was born.

Together they pieced together a syllabus, and started offering classes focused on how to make money, thanks to internet marketing for one’s self or a client. In other words, they would learn to help other people rank their websites using the intricate strategies widely called “SEO” or “search engine optimization.” With the benefit of hindsight, this OMG Machines review can assess their success at bringing fresh tactics to participants who want to market their own products (such as affiliates for an already established product, or bringing their own product to market, or even drop-shipping products on an e-commerce website) or work as SEO experts for others. And, I’m pretty sure that if you’re looking at this piece, you may be wondering, “Is this a scam or a legitimate way to learn marketing skills using SEO techniques?”

Overview of OneManGang

If I hadn’t watched the origins of OMG myself from that old forum, I would have to agree that it is incredibly difficult to learn what this company is about from their website. Participants have signed a document promising not to talk about what they learn in the seminars so a casual viewer isn’t privy to in-depth knowledge about the company. Much of what you will read here is gleaned from various reviews and the small amount of information OMG Machines makes available, since even I – a longtime follower and student of the original program do not have access to the newest versions. And, I have participated in several events where I, too have signed non-disclosure agreements.

I have to tell you that they are in place for a good reason, and I agree with it. People are paying a lot to gain the knowledge that is necessary to succeed in this field, and it should be protected. I have personally been one of those people who have “reported” infringements that I have seen to the leaders of the program. Whether or not they take whatever action is necessary to correct those infringements is something I just don’t know. But, I take the responsibilities of being even a partial (original) member of the “gang of followers” pretty seriously.

Now, even though I haven’t purchased the most recent programs lately since I haven’t made quite the fortune I would have expected by now, I DO however, have access to some of what the many of the coaches inside teach, and I have even had a small modicum of success in working with clients. I have to confess to you that client SEO is not my cup of tea given my own personality. I have found that while there is, indeed a great deal of money to be earned in this particular field, it’s honestly just not my bag. Anway, let’s get back to it.

OMG stands for “One Man Gang” in this instance, referring to the one-man workhorse Greg Morrison, of course! And now, given the background that I have shared with you, I’m sure you get it.

As a newcomer to this program, you’ll notice, as you begin to peruse the sales page, that a hefty price tag charged for “Over the Shoulder” or OTS instruction is usually mentioned ¾ of the way through any write-up. Students pay about $7,000 for access to everything: webinars, videos, software, blogs, audio recordings, one-on-one tuition, and more. Enthusiastic members of this community take part in live events and also become new coaches/supporters for ingénues in the community.

I realize that you may think that $7,000 is a lot of money to pay for this type of coaching. Note that it was never said, nor am I saying it, that Greg is charging this. Since the program’s inception, many more coaches have been added to the roster of “faculty” and Greg is one of close to a dozen teachers who are seen and heard regularly on the calls and webinars. Although I cannot confirm it because I truly don’t know, my gut feeling is that these guys and gals aren’t teaching because they love us and are doing so for free. I doubt that I’d do it for free (unless I were pulling down the kind of moolah that they are!), but hey – who knows? Maybe they are. “Hard tellin’ not knowin’,” as they say. And frankly, it’s none of my business.

What I do know is that they teach with every drop of energy they have. They share every trend, every test, every strategy, and all the news that people in this industry need to have at their disposal if they are to be able to help their clients correctly and ethically.

The Curriculum

Again, very little is said except that you can expect to go deeper than any free articles will take you. There’s plenty of information about backlinks and PPC ad campaigns online but OMG Machines promises to provide information you won’t find on Wiki-How. They take clients through outsourcing, free Google rankings enhancement, affiliate marketing, keyword optimization, and backlinking.

Students of the No Holds Barred (NHB) program receive coaching in how to earn 5- or 6-figure monthly salaries respectively from separate coaches. They have access to a Facebook community and to the various coaches who respond to emails and Facebook posts. There is also support during “business hours” which are just three weekly sessions of two hours each. Because I don’t personally have access to much of that, I can only tell you from being in the Facebook community that the members are overwhelmingly positive and it seems a day doesn’t go by where someone isn’t excitedly reporting a new success. This is extremely motivating!

I’m seeing more and more people talking about affiliate marketing in recent months, as well as Amazon, neither or which was the original focus of the program. But given how it has grown, and how there are so many more teachers now, it makes sense that the program would have become more diversified in its teaching techniques.

How the Curriculum Came About

Greg Morrison wasn’t trying to put a syllabus together when he developed his own marketing strategy from scratch. His goal was to get out of a financial hole in order to support his family. In his eyes, the company developed organically as a way to “pay it forward”: that is, to show gratitude for his own good fortune at going from a broke expectant father to a wealthy individual in less than a year.


Paying it forward is a term which suggests a person gives something away because he cannot repay gifts received to those who gave them. While I personally can tell you that Greg has given PLENTY of his knowledge away for free, and has helped more people that you who are reading this page could ever know if you haven’t seen this from the beginning, when it comes to today’s OMG Machines membership, nothing is free here: $7,000 is expensive to learn how to be a One Man Gang, no matter which way you look at it unless $7,000 isn’t a painful expense for you. There’s a reason why I haven’t personally purchased that level. I haven’t been able to justify the expense after spending thousands of other dollars on programs earlier. If I were going to be starting from scratch, and I wanted to learn client SEO, and hadn’t already spent the rent money in the past on far, far lesser programs, I would find a way to get that $7,000. And I only say this because I personally know how good this stuff is.

As with anything, there are no guarantees that students will become just as wealthy; they have to do the work. This is no scheme. It is hard work to do client SEO. Do the coaches teach it correctly? Yes. I can tell you that they do. Do they tell you it’s easy? No. They work their butts off. Every single one of them. There are a lot of super successful people inside this group. They are very helpful. Make no mistake, however: They won’t do it for you. They’ll show you what to do, and how to do it – but at the end of the day it is your responsibility to turn the teachings into action, and only then can you possibly dream about reaping the rewards.

If this sounds goods to you, you’re going to be joining some of the best in the world. Now go make it happen for yourself, and if you join, do not make me come over to your house and slap you into action so you don’t waste your investment. Get to work.

Okay, I’ve gone on long enough. Best of luck to you. These people really are the finest entrepreneurs you’ll meet.